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About Us
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UNITE Monaco  was hosted on July 2, at one of the most prestigious locations that Monaco has to offer: The Monaco Yacht Club

It was a memorable evening of thought leadership discussions and dinner with an ultra exclusive guest list of family offices, funds,  U/HNWI and multi-national companies. 


TPIG CEO Alastair Lidel - Welcome address 
Keynote: HE Ahmed Bin Sulayem - Executive Chairman of DMCC, 
Post Pandemic Mental Health Awareness Speech: Micheal Burich 
Keynote: James Caan CBE - British Investor & Television Personality

UNITE Monaco Highlights Video

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"I am grateful to UNITE Monaco for building the bridge to the United Arab Emirates in a meaningful way. The dynamism of the country is astounding, creating untold opportunities for collaboration toward inventing a carbon-free future together."

Franklin Servan-Schreiber / Co-founder and CEO Transmutex 

"A great event and amazing opportunity to engage and partner with great companies and investors."

Alastair Lidel / CEO and Founder of The Private Investment Group




Key Note Speakers


Globally Known


Renowned Investment Funds 
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The Interviews

The Interviews

The Partners


Synctuition is a company with an ambitious mission to increase awareness and improve mental health globally.

Its first product was a revolutionary 3D spatial audiomindfulness app called "Synctuition" which within 2 years became one of the Top 3 mindfulness apps in the world with millions of customers. 

2.png is the first sound technology company from Estonia created with a mission to disrupt the current perception of women's health as a burden and liberate women from pain and anxieties without any medications.

Coming soon October 2021 


Disruptively entering the global art market and aiming to be remembered and traded for centuries. Sebastian Vanzen (36) has developed his own oil on canvas paint techniques to create so-called 3D oil sculptures. 


DEASYL is a swiss start-up located in Geneva that is working in a new way of “thinking green” in the chemistry sector. DEASYL has a Swiss R&D laboratory oriented and focused solely in green processes, it has licensing 
technologies for users of petrochem products. 


ADMCS is a Swiss group created in 2020 to solve the gigantic economic and environmental wastes that plague the $12T container market, by providing the world's first end-to-end container management software, as well as the world's first eco-terminals. 


Transmutex is developing an entirely new nuclear energy production process that was experimentally demonstrated at CERN in Geneva under the leadership of Professor Carlo Rubbia (Nobel Laureate Physics 1984).


Ponte Health Global Corp. is a Legal Florida, For-Profit Corporation specializing in the Development and Holdings of Medical Facilities that are carbon-neutral, technology integrated, patient and data driven.


FlavorGod is a leading worldwide brand that focuses on food seasonings that are both healthy & all-natural.  With a line of over 30 products (and growing), FlavorGod has created a strong community of 1M+ customers and 5M+ social media followers. 


OneAgrix is the world's largest agricultural and Halal ecosystem infrastructure project. Nation states partner with them to address food insecurity and become more food resilient.They are addressing the five great Food System challenges facing humanity: Food Quality, Food Safety, Food Authenticity, Food Trust and Food Security. 


A cutting edge platform designed to connect the world of investment with the most innovative companies from around the globe.The Bridge allows startups and established companies a platform to present their opportunity to the global investment community in a targeted, carefully-mapped way, which has never been achievable before.  


Zippe International is committed to organize and implement the design and import of high-quality textiles. Like most businesses, home textiles are also a product of a variety of interconnected processes and businesses, all of which need to collaborate 
seamlessly for exceptional products.


SportX is a protected cell company trading as an open-ended investment vehicle incorporated in the Isle of Man. 
SportX uses deep-learning data mining techniques to trade the most liquid sports markets in the world including Horse Racing from Hong Kong, the NFL and all major European soccer leagues. 

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