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During the Monaco Grand Prix

25-28 May, Monte Carlo, Monaco, on the UNITE Superyacht 

Exclusive Event, 4 Days of Connecting, Engagement & Social Good

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After 3 years since its initial launch as the global platform with a mission to facilitate partnerships and expand international trade, UNITE - Unlocking New Innovations, Trade, and Innovations, is reinventing the meaning of bespoke events in the unparalleled and sought-after family office and UHNW sector.

From the economic crisis and climate change, through the COVID-19 pandemic and war, global businesses are looking for ways to adapt their models to work in an age of crises while imagining a greater future for their businesses, customers, and society. Between 24-28 May, UNITE Monaco will be the stage for future-ready companies – those driving growth from new possibilities, taking action, transforming, and moving forward for the opportunity.


Driving Change

UNITE Events has been committed to creating an innovative platform that brings together nations, businesses, and the greatest minds together in order to identify, and define better paths for transformation, adapt, inspire, and be inspired. 

UNITE Events is supporting exceptional & innovative companies giving them an audience that encourages new business relationships, investment or strategic partnerships.

Driving Investment

With our guests and network being many of the most renowned and prolific investors the purpose of  UNITE is to solidify the relationships by creating strategic and investment partnerships that can convert in opening new sources of development and trade.

Driving Social Impact


We believe in the power of collaboration, coming together of industries, companies and individuals in order to do our part in shaping the future of the economy and society.


Driving Awareness  


Together we can change the narrative. Let us take your story beyond UNITE Events and reach out to an audience that can support and encourage our joined mission to innovate.


Businesses are under tremendous pressure to innovate: “Innovate and disrupt or suffer disruption“. With this new edition of UNITE Monaco, The Private Investment Group is creating the perfect ecosystem for innovation that is driving change.

 Where do we begin?  

 Driving Sustainability 

 Social Impact & Sustainability 


 Sustainability drives innovation and business growth.  As businesses around the world adapt and see the importance of being sustainable in all areas of their business we discuss how the industry is changing for the greater good.

 Panels, Speeches & Discussion Covering: ESG, Sustainability, Clean Energy & Mobility 

 Driving Value 

 Innovation in Investment 

 We will address the challenges to the investment community after the pandemic, UNITE Monaco is going to discuss the major mind shift around investors who are used to relying on traditional financial tools to support their investment activities.

 Panels, Speeches & Discussions covering: Investments, Fintech, and Luxury Brands ​​ 

​ Driving Excellence  

 Leading the Change

 Autonomy and collaboration are all key components of purpose-driven culture that fosters disruptive innovation


 Panels, Speeches & Discussion covering: International Trade, Female Leadership & Entrepreneurship 


​ Driving Disruption  

 Technology & Web 3

 Technology is a key driver of innovation. The rise of web3, such as metaverse, and cryptocurrency, has the potential to significantly impact the future of business and will play a bigger role in our lives


 Panels, Speeches & Discussion covering: Latest Innovations in Technology, Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto, NFT

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