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UNITE Monaco 2022 edition, held during Monaco Grand Prix, May 26-29, had a clear mission of bringing together an innovative approach, global industries, countries, and high-profile individuals from the investment, finance, social and business world, for 3 days on the UNITE Superyacht.


Among the events hosted over the course of the weekend was the official launch party for the Grace Influential Impact Award in partnership with Formula 1®. The award is designed to bring increased visibility and broader recognition to the sustainable, philanthropic, and positive societal impact initiatives of the Formula 1® teams.

UNITE was also joined by the incredible team at Proper 12 Whiskey.  Founded by Conor McGregor and supported by a world-class team Proper 12 comes from the oldest distillery on the Isle of Ireland and with his master distiller created a unique and special blend.  Also joining Conor onboard at UNITE Monaco were his partners Audie Attar and Kilay Reinfeld from Paradigm Sports who helped turn this beautiful whiskey into the much-loved brand we know today. 


Alongside this, an incredible fireside discussion took place with Paradigm’s Audie Attar and Kilay Reinfeld with Conor McGregor and Empowerment IP’s Stephen Duvall - discussing the future of IP and Investment in the Sports, Media, and Entertainment industry.



Mindstruck is a new kind of investment company, hosted throughout the weekend. Investing in any product, person, brand, or innovation that can help in the war on SILO; Stress, Illness, Loneliness, and Obesity. between them affecting almost everyone on the planet, reducing human potential, and more importantly, happiness.

Between 27 -29 of May 2022, UNITE Monaco was setting the stage for future-ready companies with an agenda offering a complete overview of innovations and game-changers in the sector of pioneering life sciences investment models, AI self-driving cars, wearables, cryptocurrency, metaverse, blockchain, sports, and E-Sports.


UNITE Monaco 2022 Partners: Mindstruck, Proper 12,  Pledge Therapeutics, Blockchain Valley Virtual, EBET, PraSaga, Edelcoin Swiss AG,,, Revenue Capital, Deasyl, Wibeats, and Rozoy-Picot (distributed by Vino Royale).